Friday, May 27, 2011

PBA and Spleen Venting

Hi! I know that's a small picture - it's just that I had to share. You kind of get used to insane pharmaceutical ad campaigns, but I found this one particularly strange.

Anyway, it's for an ad for a drug that treats the pseudobulbar affect that is one aspect of MS. And the pseudobulbar affect describes the rapid change of emotional states- the rapid, inappropriate change of emotional states. Like, crying over nothing. Laughing during serious moments.

I've got to say, though, as someone who as a kid couldn't talk about someone's death without smiling (I don't know why.), it's extremely difficult to distinguish PBA from, just, social weirdness. I don't know if it's the fatigue talking recently, and the constant stream of sicknesses in my family, but I tear up at the drop of a goddamned hat. It's fun.

Oh and I don't know if PBA includes rage, but I get particularly enraged by healthy lazy people. Like my brother. Who prays for me (me.), first thing each morning. This from an addict/former addict who hasn't had a job in ages and yet turns down jobs because, well, he'll probably just quit after a few months anyway. Instead, he's just going to "focus on being a good dad" and "figure out what I'm supposed to do." He's fucking 37. Figuring it out. I couldn't hold a goddamned job right now. I couldn't. I can barely take care of my children. And he prays for me first thing each morning. Right before he lights up, probably.

Phew. Spleen venting. I realize I am making it increasingly difficult for anyone to read this lightly, but...I have no control, apparently. Possibly. My head is a slot machine of emotions. Pull and...wait for it...come on...give me calm and centered. Calm and centered. Come on calm and centered! Give it!!! Ahhhh, crap. Enraged again. Mother the eff.

Hey, just looking again at that slot machine and it doesn't seem that enraged is one of the choices. Huh. Oh and also on that website, I'll give you a hint and say that if you say "yes" to everything on the self-assessment test, you may have PBA. Oh, and you might be a redneck. Wait. Wrong thing.

Until next time...

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