Saturday, June 26, 2010

Inaugural Post

So I came up with an idea for a project. There are lots of reasons behind it, which I'll itemize later, but in general the main reason is because I need to. Did that help? No? Well, alright then, I'll just tell you what it is and then when I have time later I'll write all the why's. There are lots and I want to do it right. Right now I'm expecting my son to wake up any minute and I want to post some links and photos and I'm new to this and that takes priority over me.

Really, she takes priority over me. She being Phebe Taylor. I've started researching her life. She was a relatively important person - from an important family, then married to an important man and I want to find out as much as I can about her. She's buried about a mile from my house in Middletown, New Jersey. In the, what should be "Historic" but isn't for some reason, Middletown Village section. Specifically she's buried in the Throckmorton-Lippit-Taylor Burying Ground on Penelope Lane off of King's Highway. She's buried next to two of her babies. There was another child of hers buried there too but the gravestone's gone.

Knowing about these losses and the few facts I do know about her life have led me to think about her a lot in the past few days. I want to know as much as possible. I have an idea in my head as to who she was but it is completely my fantasy. In the end, I realize there won't be much data one way or another as to her personality or even maybe her appearance, but that's ok. Right now I just want facts. I want to come up with a time-line for the major events in her life and in the lives of those around her.

So let's start with some photos of her gravestone, that of her children and some of her relatives by marriage. I'm confused at this point to their exact relationship to her but I'm working on it. I've only just begun, after all.

Oh, and if anyone knows of any research done on her in the past, please let me know. For all I know a complete biography of her has already been written and I'm rehashing. That's ok too. It'll narrow the scope of my research greatly but it'll satisfy my initial curiosity and then my blogging days will be over. And that's completely ok. Rambling now. On to the photos.

The gravestone for her two babies, William and an unnamed daughter

The gravestones for two close relatives by marriage, Col. George Taylor
and his wife Deborah

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