Well, there have been a few versions of this page.  I wrote up a kind of story about how this blog got started and referred back to the inaugural post and then I took the time to reread the inaugural post and then decided that the inaugural post was written way better than the about page.  So then I decided to erase what I had down on the about page and just overly link to the inaugural page.  So go there.

However, I noticed, on rereading the aforementioned post I don't mention that I am not from New Jersey and that this project is some way for me to find something good about living here.  I'm having a hard time adjusting, it seems.  Originally, I'm from Florida and my parents are from Mississippi, so it is very very different here.  In fact, I am in a constant state of confusion about my surroundings.  Well, the surroundings I get, it's the people I don't.  It's probably me.

Alright, one word to describe me?  Weird.  That's about the sum of it.  In all my thinking about this, I was originally going to say, "Weird, but good weird, you know?  Like, recently, I went on a historic house tour in my town (not Marlpit Hall, btw, that docent's awesome) and the docent at this house was weird.  But bad weird.  Affected and trying to be weird and a bit offensive.  I don't know, for attention maybe?  Had this whole Southern semi-racist/tea party thing going on and here we were, my mom and me - and she's also a true Southerner semi-racist, but not tea-partier - and she thought he was weird too.  Bad weird.  Yea, so, in conclusion, I'm weird, but not bad weird."  OK, so I was going to write that and then I thought, "Who's to say that?  Maybe I'm bad weird and don't know it.  Maybe that's why it's difficult to make friends and to keep in contact with old friends.  Maybe that's why I have strained relationships with most members of my family."  Let's just finish by saying that, yes, I'm weird, and I try hard to be good weird but may or may not be successful.  The end.

I also may or may not (holla RAoR! forgot to say that the first time) have Asperger's.  But not the hilarious, cool kind like Becky at Steam Me Up, Kid.  No, the, well, maybe have you considered the library services field?  Because it seems your personality might be completely suited to not being around too many people and just looking up stuff all the time.  That or the, um, gee, I have to go, kind.

Oh, so, the end again.

To contact me, you can write me at my.robbie@hotmail.com and thanks so much.