Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Jersey Magazine - again

This one is for my man Denny D.

Once again...boobies. Even more so than last time. *sigh* I suppose I should read the article and find out what reality show this woman is associated with. Maybe she's just a model. I'm thinking not, though.

Oh and that reminds me! Follow-up on the last time I wrote about In Jersey magazine: Those ladies were involved in a tempest-in-a-tea pot kind of a scandal in these parts! It made the paper! Well...the local free paper. But still! It seems that a seventeen year old girl who had bought a couple of thousand dollar dress from them for her prom wanted to return the dress and they said no. The reason she wanted to return the dress? Her boyfriend/date died in a car accident. They said no. But of course, then they said yes, after all the hullabaloo.

Next month am I going to learn that Chesty LaWhiteBikini up there is a serial killer? Baby stomper? What? Jeesh. You think big boobies mean something. And then you find out they don't.


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  1. I know its been a couple months since this posted, but I happened upon your sight and recognized the woman on the cover there. A far cry from those crazy reality stars, serial killers or baby-stompers, she's actually just a normal woman who tried out, got picked and found out the day before the magazine came out that they were going to put her on the cover.

    She's a dental hygienist and fitness instructor and just an incredibly warm, kind and friendly woman.

    I just thought you should know that, since the anger in your post seems, to me at least, misdirected. Of course, I won't argue with you as to the merits of boobies on the cover, or In Jersey Magazines fascination with them, but its the summer swimsuit-ish issue, so I can't fault them too much.