Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi. Just wanted to say hi.

I let that mom off the hook and cancelled our playdate. Good God, I hate that term. Anyway, best all around. We are demoted from friends to acquaintances. And that's fine. It happens.

In good news, there are some deer just hanging out on the top of the hill behind my house and that makes me very happy. Very. I only see them infrequently, but not today.

And, of course, I've begun the magical thinking. A sign? What do you call it? An omen? I always think of Damien, but not that kind. A good omen.

Alright. Phone calls to make and then lunch to make. Have a good weekend. We're going to our friends' house in Pennsylvania tomorrow for a birthday party and then a sleepover. And yes, my daughter will most likely cry when we leave, but it'll be ok, still worth it. In the end, we get to see our friends, our good friends. And even I may cry when we leave, but s'OK. They're friends. True friends. And that means everything.

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