Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And still... eff you.

While I have a few moments, I wanted to explain about the last post. And how it relates to the twittah. Or something.

Lately, I've been thinking things in roughly 140 characters. Book titles (shortest example, probably), stupid observations, my takes on weird sayings. I don't post things as my twittah account is pretty much dead. Jesus, the stuff people post can be largely pretty dumb (I think I follow the wrong people). Plus it was too distracting. The stupid stuff. That strangers say. Don't get me wrong, my stuff is at least as stupid as everyone else's. Anyway.

Here's one I came up with a couple of days before Christmas. Or maybe on Christmas. Not sure.

"What do you get the drunk who remembers nothing?" And then I was going to list out the presents I bought him. But then... he never got any of it. So the correct answer is: "Nothing. Even if you do actually send him something. It's nothing."

Still mad. Which is incredibly stupid. But not in a twitter way. In a just, "for Christ's sake, what did you think would happen?" kind of a way.

I want my calendar with photos of my kids back.

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