Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Again - wait, what?

It's May!  Frickin' frack!

Well, now, April just flew by.  I was very busy feeling moderately good and used that energy to paint most of my kitchen.  It seems I have kind of a manic thing going with respect to my energy level.  If I feel the least bit good, I embark on a big project (although one that can be broken into little tiny bites) and exhaust myself.  Then I take a few days off, and then get back into the project.  It's kind of a cycle.  But, a cycle that, at the end of it, gives me a kitchen that is cleaner than it ever has been and that looks like new.

Oh, and when I say I painted my kitchen, I mean literally myself.  Because when my mom tends to say things like that, she's actually referring to the painter she has on call, Tim, who is actually doing the painting.  She's just chosen the paint color, called Tim, and then stood around watching him paint.  But she's "painted the kitchen."  She and I often say the same words, but speak completely different languages.

OK, I had something I wanted to post about...what was it...oh right!  I was shopping in the craft store Michael's the other day, as I am wont to do (not really), and I heard a song coming out of their speakers that was familiar to me, but that I couldn't place.  I just stood stock still and listened for a good three minutes.  And all the while, I knew that I knew that song very very well.  At one point, I had listened to that song or CD on repeat for months.  I am truly wont to do that.  I knew the song very, very, very well.  And it bothered me that I couldn't remember how I knew the song, much less who sang it.

And then magically, it came to me.  It was the song "A Perfect Hand" from the album, "Here Lies Love" put together by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim.  The song is sung by Steve Earle, whose -funny story- buttcrack I've seen.  (Short story, really.  My husband and I saw him while we were at the Newark airport.  He was at the ticket counter and he leaned over to pick up a bag to check and that's when we saw the buttcrack.  Also, I would not have known who he was, if not for my husband.  I am nowhere near cool.  Just in case you forgot.)

David Byrne produced, in 2010, the album Here Lies Love, which is about Imelda Marcos' rise to and fall from power.  In songs.  And all the songs are in the disco style (is that the best way to say that?).  The album is absolutely fantastic.  Every song is sung by a different musician and is in a slightly different style, but of course, still mostly disco-y.  It's wonderful and frequently sappy, but it's true to her, because, while a crazy strong personality, Imelda Marcos was kind of sappy.  Or at least her public image was.  I'm not explaining this very well.  In any case, the album is great and you should definitely give it a listen.

Also in any case, I love the concept of the album - a musical biography.  He frequently used their own words in the songs (the words of herself, her husband, her former nanny, etc.).  He also used a musical style that was appropriate to them.  Imelda Marcos, apparently, loved hanging out at Studio 54 in its heyday.  I'm rambling here, but I just wanted to say, again, that everything about this album is wonderful and it especially appeals to me as a lover of history.  As you know, or probably don't, really, I love history.  And a more personal, biographical approach to history, as compared to a survey type approach.  

I am realizing that "history lover" is kind of part of my identity now, which is weird, as it never was before.  Tomorrow I'm going to be the mystery reader for my daughter's first grade class and I had to give the teacher some clues about myself.  Things like, "I'm a girl," or "I have two children," and I led with those, of course.  But my fifth and last clue, I figured, should be more personal.  So I said, "I used to be a chemist, but now I love learning about American history."  If you'd have asked me even ten years ago, if I were a history lover, I'd have said "Fuck off."  Nah, I'd have said, "No.  Where did that question come from?"  But now, I am.  It's weird how people change.

I'll leave this rambling post by saying two things.  Firstly, look at this photo of Imelda, which is the cover of Here Lies Love:

Aren't her eyes perfection in this picture?  Doesn't she look completely stoned and/or batshit crazy?  I love it.

And the second thing is that, I've recently become aware that in a year and a half (a little less than, really), I'll have my days free.  My son will be in Kindergarden then.  And I'll have no job.  So...I'm thinking Michael's.  They play cool music!  Nahh, not really Michael's, but somewhere.  I do need to figure it out.  I mean, I guess I could buckle down and try to work on a book about Phebe or Captain Andrew Lee, but even if I do that, I will still need a job.  Maybe it will be Michael's in the end.  I'd have a hard time not being an asshole if someone needed help with scrapbooking supplies, though.  I shouldn't be in customer service, is what I'm saying.  Also, I probably need a job with a lot of sitting, due to the MS.  (Hadn't mentioned it yet this post.  I almost didn't!)

OK, then.  Rambly post.  I love "Here Lies Love."  I saw Steve Earle's buttcrack once.  I might one day work at Michael's.  Ummmm....I also have MS.  Does that cover everything?  Yup.

Maybe next time I'll be more focussed and less rambly.  Here's hoping!

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