Monday, April 2, 2012

Wait, what?

Wait a minute.  The last post here was from February?  And now it's April?  What gives, Penny?

Well, March just flew by in a flash, I tell you what.  (Side note:  If you don't like King of the Hill, get off my lawn.)  (Another side note:  My neighbor recently came over because she was "concerned" that something was wrong with my dog because he had been barking non-stop for the half-hour I was out dropping off my daughter at her Daisy Scout thing.  "Concerned."  Again - "Get off my lawn."  Well, that's what I wished I could have said to her.  Man, I wish I could've said that.)

Alright.  What?  What's that?  This is the 100th post?  Holy crap!  That's a big milestone!  Right?  Right!?!

As soon as I realized that, I thought to myself, "Self, you should do something not a waste of time for the 100th post.  You really should.  No more complaining about MS.  No more complaining about how sucky people are where you live.  None of that nonsense (#firstworldproblems on that second one).  Something real.  With substance."

But then I realized that it had been over a month (and a full-sized month, at that) since I wrote anything here at all and that I don't really have the time (or emotional fortitude right now) to write up everything I know (good and bad) about Captain Andrew Lee.  And so here we have this rambling.

Well, March got away from me, but here's hoping April will be better.  No more bronchitis for my son, no more mother visits for me (good God, that laid me out like nothing else #firstworldproblems - again), no more procrastinating.  Oh, also in March, I became obsessed with a solitaire game I found for my Kindle (do I need to say #firstworldproblems?) where the success rate was about 50%, which is much better than my usual Klondike version of solitaire which I constantly lose at.  So, that success rate of 50% was killing me because every time I lost, I was guaranteed to win the next time.  I think it's run its course with me, though.  50% is not as appealing, but more boring, now.  Oh, procrastination.  So clever, you are.

100th post!!!  Woot!


Until next time.

UPDATED:  So...this is embarrassing, but this is my 100th draft of a post and only my 88th post.  Bullet dodged, it seems.  No need to be interesting or anything for an 88th post, right?  Why do I have 12 unpublished posts?  I have no idea.  Maybe there's some gold in them there hills.  I should check it out.  Alright, then.  As you were.

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  1. You can post about that time you knocked on the salmon colored house's door and invited yourself in for a tour? Oh, wait, that hasn't happened....YET!