Friday, December 9, 2011

Who, me? Whut?

Hello there!

So...I have a great online friendish (hopefully one day an IRL friendish - but kind of already that because we've mailed things to each other - yea) and she has a great blog.  And she got an award (the Liebster Award) on her blog which then led her to talk about five "undiscovered" (I believe that was the word) blogs out there.  And I was one!  I mean, Researching Phebe, was one!  Yay!  Thanks, primamomma!  Yer the bestest!

I have to say that I am also a big fan of Gweenbrick (one of the blogs she linked) and to be included in the same category as him is a fucking honor.  I guess as part of receiving this award I have to list five "undiscovered" blogs and, while I'm kind of thinking, "Do you even have a blog if no one reads it?  It's a diary, then, right?  I think it's a diary.  A public diary which people can read and enjoy (?) if they want but in my case it's all involved because there's MS, there's my hate for this town I live in while simultaneously, my love of its former residents (two hundred sixty years ago former residents), and there's my husband, kids and shizz about my parents."  End quote.

What was I talking about?  Oh, yea, Gweenbrick.  He's awesome.

Who else?  Well, lately I've been lovin' on Kristen Stewart Wants IT (She really really does).  That guy rules.  It's funny, though, because he is also from (and currently living in) New Jersey and I once ventured the question, "Why do New Jerseyans suck so hard?"  And his response was, "What are you talking about?  I don't understand the question."  Well, anyway, besides that and his love of boobs (which, honestly, doesn't everyone love boobs?  They're everyone's first food!  What's not to love?) and football (inexcusable, imho, but that's just me), KSWI author/creater, Jordan, is fantastic.  In no way does he need my help here, though.  I just wanted to get it out there that I really really like his website.  Oh and that I agree that she really really does want IT.

Oh!  I know!  I've written about her before, but I found a wonderful historical mystery (maybe soon to be romance?  *crossing fingers*) novelist - 18th century setting, my fave - and her name is Imogen Robertson.  She and I have similar real last names.  Well.  I don't know if that's her real last name, but if so, it's similar to mine.  (Squeee!)  So, she has a blog, and she in no way needs my help, but I really really like her website (and books) too.

There are a few humor bloggers I like who are already very popular - Steam Me Up, Kid and The Bloggess in particular.  I spent a while trying to find this "Literal Animal Captions Meme" website Steamme Upkid (as she is on facebook) made months and months ago, but google wasn't helping.

However...I did find this website, as a result -  It's basically literal captions for New Yorker cartoons and it's fantastic and also does not need my help.

Hmmm.  I'm flailing here.  One last website before I sign off.  My friend Paula Cohen-Martin (rl friend, at that) is a fantastic artist and art teacher and she has started her own art classes (!!!) in her basement to compensate for the lack of good art classes in her town and she's a personal hero.  I only wish I still lived close enough to make it feasible for my kids to go.  Her blog is called Picasso's Basement.  Plus she loves David Foley of the Kids in the Hall as much as I do and that, my friends, is a good person right there.

Thought of one other!  Yay!  Bangable Dudes in History, but she's on a hiatus right now (as is Steam Me Up, Kid, sadly).

Alrighty.  Kristy (aka primamomma), I love you like a sister, gurrrl, but this whole thing has made me horribly uncomfortable.  Still, loves you.

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