Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let's move on, shall we?

I found these two things on the cheezburger group of websites.  Lame, probably, but I'm lazy and there's lots of stuff there in one place.  Some of it horrible, some of it frequently without source (which is super annoying), but sometimes it's great and sometimes it's correctly sourced and I need to stop trying to justify my stupid internet browsing decisions.

OK.  So two things.  I really really like this picture below, which is from an unknown source, but which was posted on the WIN! site there on the cheezburger group of sites.  I mean, I really really really like this picture.  If I could, I would print it out and frame it.  Huh.  Maybe I should do that.

In a related vein, I also love Cindy Sherman.  I'm super excited because MOMA is having a major exhibition of hers this spring.  Super excited.  The photo below (grabbed from here), of herself by herself, is from 1989.  I bought the book of this exhibition.  I was just out of high school!  Crap, I'm cultural.

I also found the cartoon below some time ago on one of the cheezburger sites.  It is sourced, which is nice.  And it illustrates some interesting conflicts for me.  Maybe the time I spend imagining who Phebe was is the source of all the fun.  Maybe, if someone down the road learns about me, instead of being riveted (as my own sense of self-importance insists they would be), they would be bored or, worse, embarrassed for me.   Again, in any case, I really liked this cartoon.

OK then.  I think I mostly write new posts to get past the last thing I wrote.  It's a theory.

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