Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow...I can't believe I won! First of all, I want to thank the inspiration for all of this - Phebe Taylor...

Hi! First of all - the title. I got to hold a goddamned Emmy today! A fucking Emmy! Can you believe that? That shizz was heavy too!

So, how this came about is kind of simple. One of my 3 year old son's classmates had a birthday party and we go over to their house for it. They had a house party - unusual in itself and automatically puts these people in the category of people I'd like to know, even before the Emmy thing. I like the mom a lot and SHE HAS THREE FUCKING EMMYS! (EMMIES? WHY AM I SHOUTING? I DON'T KNOW!)

She was a costume designer for Sesame Street before she had kids. Three Emmys! So she was talking about the view from their living room - which is nice, all forest - when I turn around and notice them and quite rudely interrupt whatever she was saying with "Oh my God! Why do you have Emmys?" I'm still a little giddy, actually.

So, this whole thing makes up for the five and a half years of absolutely horrible kids' birthday parties that I've had to go to. Of course, not all of those parties have been horrible, but the vast majority have been. But, totally worth going to all of them, because today I held a fucking Emmy.

I'm considering inviting myself over again and having a little alone time in the bathroom with one of the Emmys and giving a big ass speech in the mirror. Ima get to work on that right away.

I still need to quiz her on the mildly famous people who went to these technical Emmy award ceremonies. She did *not* see Kathy Griffin freak out hilariously, as that happened in LA, I learned. But she must have some stories. And while it's not so good as having gone to the MTV awards and being ass-grabbing distance from the RPattz, like my friend the primamomma, it's still pretty rad. Pretty rad.

Whew. I need to come down some more, it seems. EMMY!!!

Also, I got an invitation to another evening that's a dream come true: The 18th Century Tavern Charity Night at the Murray Farmhouse in Poricy Park. Complete with authentic meal, dancing and entertainment. I am so ridiculously excited it's insane/lame. I may have to drag a friend as I don't think my husband will go. OMG, I should get a period costume. That's the next logical step. Wheee!

Alrighty, happy weekend and I HELD A FUCKING EMMY TODAY!!!

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