Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year's Goals, One Month Late

So, last night there was an incident. And it shocked me back into thinking about the future more concretely (my head's in the clouds a lot of the time - see all previous posts, but in particular, the last post) and to taking my job as parent a bit more seriously.

First off, less time on the computer while watching the kids. This is just a general thing I need to do.

Secondly, swimming lessons for both children starting now. This one inspired by last night's "incident." My husband walked away from my daughter in the bath. He came downstairs to talk to me and we lost track of time and then heard screaming. My son, who my husband had already dried off and dressed, had leaned into the bath and fell in. He was submerged, but righted himself, but it freaked every single one of us out. So, now I give the baths exclusively and never walk away. That's one change. But the more actionable change is that I'm doing swimming lessons starting now. I've found a couple of places online and will try them out. I expect suck from the other mothers and possibly instructors, but the main thing is that they learn how to swim.

Thirdly, more Phebe research while H is in school. This one's for me, not really having to do with me being a better parent, except for the fact that it makes me happier. Trips to Freehold's museum and other historic houses will be frequent, I hope. This needs to be a priority. The problem is that when I get info that's new, I tend to spend way more time on the internet, thus breaking resolution number one, but I need to learn to balance.

Fourthly, plan to plant a small vegetable garden with my kids. I need to figure out how to do this. Library, I'm guessing, is a good place to start.

Alrighty. Glad I got this down. As this blog is my witness, I will never suck as a parent again! Or something.

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