Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update: Maybe It's Me

So... it's not just me! That's the big news. But the one person who I've found who has also experienced the general crappiness of Middletown people is now leaving. So very sad. Moving to New Hampshire. Colder, yes, but presumably more friendly people.

I've become friends with this mom of four who also walks her children to school. Have I told you guys that, even in 60 degree weather, we were the only family on our street (out of about 5 families) to walk? Have I told you that we live two blocks from school? For real. It's kind of ridiculous. I completely don't understand. At all. And even worse, for the pick up, the driving line is really long so these same parents don't drive to school, but instead drive to a parking lot one block away and wait for their children to walk to them, then load their children into the car and drive them one block home.

They have done this since October. The first few weeks, there was a minimal effort. These are ladies who I know (know) go to pilates and/or go running for exercise. WTF, you know? What are they teaching their kids?

I understand this more now that it's frickin freezing out. Freezing. But when it's above 40 degrees, I completely don't understand. Unless they don't leave themselves enough time to walk. You save roughly five minutes by driving. I also understand doing this occasionally. But every day?

Anyway. I'm done with the rant. So, the people who walk their kids, really walk their kids, to school are pretty cool. Mostly. And I met this really nice mom of four, like I said, and we got to talking and now we see each other every week for a playdate with our little guys at home (her son is 3 and mine is 2) and it's great. It would give me hope for this place. Only, they're leaving. For better, friendlier pastures, presumably. She and I have discussed the general suckiness of people here in great depths. She even had a similar experience to me regarding "ballet" or dance class for her daughter. You have no idea how good it felt to know that it wasn't just me.

*sigh* It's going to be a hard winter, but I'm committed to doing more playdates with my daughter's classmates. I'm committed to trying to set up a playdate with a few of my son's classmates. I'm committed to trying. I'm also committed to this blog and this research subject, but honestly, that doesn't help my kids at all except to make me more bearable to be around.

Oh, God, I just realized that my relationship to Middletown is exactly like a horrible marriage that I'm suffering through for the sake of the children. And I plan to leave it as soon as my son graduates from high school. And I plan to never look back. Except maybe to Phebe.

Do I buy her and her children grave covers for Christmas? How weird would that be? Weird even for me?

Must run. Until next time...

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  1. I like the grave cover idea! I may not be the best judge of what's not weird, but I think that's very thoughtful of you.

    Also, I'm with ya on the 'what the poop are people teaching their children their own bad habits for?' bandwagon. Crikey. Aren't you supposed to want better things for the people you make? Apparently not!

    Don't be too disheartened! You'll come out the other side eventually, and in the meantime, you're clearly working hard to make the best of it. What more can you do?

    Happy Holidays from Australia, anyway. Hope you'll get lots of good family time over the weekend :)

    x F