Friday, October 8, 2010

Really, New Jersey?

So in the Today section of the Star Ledger today (redundant, yes?), the big article was by Peter Genovese. Nothing against this guy, for real, but... really?

He starts off generically enough. "This is the opening installment of a series we're calling Jersey State of Mind. The stories will take you all over Jersey, celebrating the state in all its variety and diversity, illuminating corners you never visited, or knew existed. The real Jersey, not the cliched, stereotypical or rose-tinted one."


Then number 2 is The Pulaski Skyway. Kid you not. A highway.

And then! Then! Number 6 is The Somerville Traffic Circle. Kid you not again. But this one's even better, because there's a plaque. And a PC Richards (which is kind of like Circuit City).

"Not because I hold the world's record for most consecutive trips around the circle (55), but because World War I ended here. Really. On July 2, 1921, at what was then the country estate of former Sen. Joseph Frelinghuysen, President Warren Harding signed a joint congressional resolution declaring an end to the war against Germany and Austria. There's a plaque marking the occasion in front of the P.C. Richards & Son store in Raritan."

Turns out it's between the PC Richards and a Burger King. I kind of couldn't believe it and just googled it and found this: .

OK. I'm going to steal from the Bloggess and say, New Jersey, you're being an asshole.

There are twenty-five things, and those two I picked are the lamest, but, actually the other twenty-three aren't that great either. Cannot wait for the rest of the series.

I'm seriously depressed now and... end of rant. Sorry. Had to do it, though.

PS I just looked at that flickr photo even more carefully and it's gotten me even more depressed than before. That's some goddamned plaque. And those horrible evergreen shrubs. Why bother, really? What kind of horrible negotiator was working for the historical society right before it was demolished - one who accepted, who said, "Yea, I guess a plaque and one pile of stones would be just fine." OK, I think I need to go to Marlpit Hall or the Holmes Hendricks house again soon. Purge my system.

PPS OK, I can't stop. Now I'm fucking furious. Cursing, sorry. World War I was apocalyptic to the people of Europe. Apocalyptic. A whole generation of men wiped out. The carnage is unimaginable today. And then this stupid plaque. I know it's not a direct connection, but in my head it is. I'm weird that way, though. Just disrespectful, you know? Don't fucking bother. Take that shit down. For real. Let's just let it be strip-mall central. There are other, more appropriate ways to show our appreciation of our history.

New Jersey? This is beneath even you.

The end. I'm going outside.

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