Friday, October 15, 2010

I Did Not Actually See It for Myself, As It Turns Out


I missed it. But the good news is that I went on PC Richard's website and found their store locator and now have an exact location. So I'll drive past it next Monday or Wednesday.

I should take this time, too, to apologize for ranting. I don't like doing that. Plus rants are kind of boring to read, I think. Plus, things are razed down all the time, for roads or new developments or whatever. How things go. I just don't like how they went about marking where they razed and what used to be there. If you're going to do that, then just move on.

In any case, historical markers make little to no sense to me. But, you know what else? Almost everything makes very little sense to me. What the hell do I know, is kind of my mantra now. Mantras are maybe supposed to be affirming, but, for me, this mantra reminds me that it's important, when you don't understand something, to just be quiet because it could possibly be that it's you that's being the dumb-ass. Happens a lot.

So I'm kind of constantly befuddled. Alright. Off to shower and grade and then enjoy this blustery fall day. I've already been on a field trip with my daughter's class and had an apple donut and told some kids to stop touching each other and met a nice mom and was told by another mom, who I saw almost every day last year when I brought Mary to preschool, but who never seemed to recognize me, "Oh, I didn't even know your daughter went to our school. I never saw her." Oh yea? Huh.

What the hell do I know.

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