Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm Wearing Old Navy


So, in the last post, I mentioned how sometimes I hate the NY Times, but most of the time, it's pretty rad.  Overall, a very enjoyable read every weekend (we just get the weekend edition, because honestly, we're cheap and secondly, who has time to read the NY Times everyday?).

The following link to a Sunday Styles article is a perfect example of the kind of thing I hate.  It's Jamie King, former model, current actress, listing all (and I mean all) of the things she wore in a week recently.  All.

Eff you.


Here's the entry for Monday, January 9th:

A full day of shooting, so aimed for comfort: cherry red cable-knit sweater over cotton T-shirt, both by Juicy Couture. Then slipped on Alexander Wang silk shorts that have a corset top and lace detail on the bottom. Finished the outfit off with black cat-eye sunglasses by Ellery and a royal blue Juicy peacoat. Headed home directly after to hang out with my husband.

Now, I could do this too - everyone could - only, I would, in no way, be able to name every single label and remember where everything came from (she has involved stories for some pieces of her wardrobe).  You know why?  Because who fucking cares, is why.  Good gravy.

Oh and also, because everything I wear comes from Kohl's or Old Navy.  Sometimes the Gap.  If I'm feeling fancy.  Kicky.  You know.  Oh and if it comes from Kohl's, would I really remember - oh yea, this is from the Kathy Ireland collection!  Actually, a) would I remember and b) if I remembered, would I admit something like that?

OK then.  Got that off my chest.  (BTW, I'm totally a beautiful, sexy beast.  Just to be clear.  And I take super pride in my appearance.  I mean, I want to be clear.)

Oh and if I do happen to buy anything with a label (you know, like Adidas or Banana Republic), it comes, generally, from the Jersey Shore Outlet Mall.  We go there a lot.  What can I say, my husband likes a bargain.  And yes, before you ask, they totally have an Ed Hardy outlet there.  That people go into.  It's crazy.

I generally don't want to rant, this was just asking for it.  You know?  Styles section, why do you ask for it?  Is there a reason?

Until next time...


  1. Hi. Debbie Downer here to rain on your parade. (That's how I do.)

    She was probably contractually obligated to name off her labels. Celebs are given many of their designer clothes, generally with the understanding that they are to show them off and name them when asked.

    You know me. I'm ALLL about the fashion. (Same pair of sneakers for an entire year!) I don't understand the whole label-world. I like quality, but Imma never be caught spending 2 g's on a sweater, yo. That being said, it *is* the style section.

    See? Now you can say, "Boy that NY Times sure is thorough!"

    *dodges rotten tomatoes*

    P.S. I totally just pulled a Dan Quayle while spelling tomatoes.

  2. I know, I know. *sigh* I almost didn't post this. Shouldn't have.

    Eh. They can't all be reasonable, semi-rational things, right? You're of course right and her stylist probably even provided all the details. What must that be like? Having a stylist, I mean.

    Jamie's probably a lovely girl. Or not. Who knows, really. She just caught me on a bad day. Jealousy is a bitch, right? Fuckin healthy, young, skinny and pretty people. They're tough to deal with.

    In much better news, I've found out a lot more about the dreamy Captain Andrew Lee and I tell you what, he's right up there with Jamie Fraser as my fave 18th c. (in this case real though!) bad ass mother effers. So, a not Phebe post, but an 18th century BAMF post coming soon! Yay!