Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh, Steve...

Hi!  Let's talk about Blue's Clues!  Wait - where are you going?  Wait!  Don't leave!  Stop!  It'll be fine, I promise!  I promise.  Truly.  Don't go.  This'll be fast.  And not pervy (surprise!) and not particularly awkward (surprise again!).  Although it relates in no way to Phebe Taylor, I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.  Are we ok?  Yea?  *sigh*  I shouldn't have called you a slut, is that it?  I'm sorry.  OK, then, we cool?  *bro fist bump followed by self-loathing*

Anyway.  So, we checked out, from the library, the four episode arc on Blue's Clues when Steve left and Joe took over.  It was a well done transition, in my opinion, and very riveting due to the drama of the whole thing.  I have low standards for riveting, it seems.

I like this photo of Steve.  Oh and there's Joe too.  (from here)

My kids aren't huge Blue's Clues fans, but still... drama, so they liked it.  And I like Steve and, to a lesser degree, Joe (sorry, Joe), so watching this video over and over and over hasn't been too bad.  But last night, I watched and paid attention a little more.  I don't know.  Suddenly, something that I had heard ten times before made me laugh for a good half hour straight (my daughter was confused).  Still smiling about it today.  So I thought I'd share!

I tried to find the exact twenty seconds on youtube that I'm talking about, but that was a weird rabbit-hole youtube search, if I've ever seen one.  Why would someone... you know what?  Not going to go into it.

I couldn't find the clip, but I found the lines that I wanted to on this website on tv.com.  And I shall paste, due to laziness.  Oh, before I paste, I should tell you what's happened up until this point on the episode.  So, Steve announces he's leaving to go to college.  To live at college.  The previous two episodes, they had introduced Joe as Steve's brother.  He's going to take over the house and all the Blue's Clues-ing that that entails.

So, without further ado, I give you the lines, said as Steve is walking out the door:

Steve: Joe, remember. Blue's pawprints will be on the clues.
Joe: Blue's Clues?
Steve: Exactly.

Yes.  Yes and yes.  Exactly.  I fucking died.  I fucking love it.  Alright, maybe it's just me.  I just love it when kid's shows throw in a joke or some things that are for the parents who are forced to watch the goddamned thing over and over.  I also love it because "Steve" knows that really, it's all bullshit.  It is.  He just stood in front of a green screen for a few years and now he's fucking stuck as "Steve" for the rest of his life and now it's Joe's turn and well... they wrote that in.  Again, maybe it's just me - my interpretation.

The other reason that this is funny is that I know a small amount about the actor who plays Steve, Steve Burns, because he recorded an episode of the Moth and my husband told me all about it.  And he talks about being a former kid's show host and tells a funny story.  I found the youtube video from this website (I have no idea what the fw.com is).  So, even though this is long you should still watch it.  It's pretty sweet.  

Lastly, I feel I should say that my husband's not a hipster, but he knows about the Moth podcasts nonetheless.  And cool bands that no one else knows.  But he's not a hipster.  I swear.  I think the difference is that he dresses badly just kind of naturally and not ironically and he does not regale people with all his knowledge about bands and cool stuff.  Plus he wears wire-frame glasses.  OK, I feel better.


  1. I have been wanting to comment on this for a few days now. Loved it, especially the *fist bump followed by self loathing*

    Then I watched the video. I laughed, I enjoyed it, it was awkward (my favorite!) and all good stuff - until the end when he had me bursting in to tears. Now I'm even more in love with Steve if that's even possible.

    (Also - he's a musician!!)


  2. Hi! I loved the awkward too! And *of course* she had to be from New Jersey. Of course she did. Chris and I were talking and disagreeing about something though. Did he actually bone her? I say yes, Chris says no. Kind of a Rashomon type thing, really. Will we ever *really* know?