Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spreading the Word

So my mom knows about this blog. I told her. To get her off my back about where my life was going. And now she's going to tell people I have a blog. Scheisse. I hate that idea. "Oh, Penelope's doing great! Her children are beautiful, and, you know, she's started a blog! I know! It's about some colonial woman or something. I'm just so excited. She's using her education again. Well. What's going on with your alcoholic daughter?" That last bit I threw in as a fantasy of mine. She wouldn't have said alcoholic. But that girl totally is.

Why is this so upsetting? I don't know. That whole thing above may not translate, but it's horrible. To me. But then again so are most kinds of social functions, so what the hell do I know?

I have news about John Taylor, Esquire, I think, that I'll write up soon. He was almost sued for child support! For a "Bastard Child"! Which is exciting. But before I write it up, I need to get a time-line going. I need to have an idea of when he was married before I go accusing him of cheating on Phebe. By most accounts, though, he himself was a bastard. Oh, the irony. And the tragedy for Phebe. Maybe she was equal parts bastard to counteract his bastard behavior, but I hope not.

And, you all will think me even more crazy - well, since I'm writing to myself - I never told my mom the name of this blog, just that it exists - well, who cares then. I'll just say it. Around the time they lived in Middletown, there also lived in Middletown a Robert Paterson. This makes me happy. Fanfic! Just joking. I want to put him in the timeline too. Adds an extra element to my daydreaming about Phebe. Yay!

Oh, you know, I really do want this to be serious research about her. I just have no time to really do it. We don't have the money to justify serious childcare for my 2 year old and, well, he's just tough! And I'm going to be teaching a night course next year two nights a week. And all the grading and prep work involved in that. But I am keeping my eye on the prize. In three years he'll be going to full day kindergarden, so, at that point everything will be different. Three years, though. In the meantime, lots of daydreams.

OK, rambling post. Missed writing here. Oh, and btw, my 5 year old daughter's birthday party went well. She was happy, a bunch of kids came, and she had her grandmother and aunt here. And she and my son got to ride in a wagon at the party while everyone sang Happy Birthday. Anxiety over nothing, it turns out. Well, there are details I won't go into, but, you know. Focussing on the positive. Rambling!

Until next time...

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