Friday, July 2, 2010

Fighting Invisibility

My daughter painted this of me and her and her brother. The first time anyone has ever painted me. I'm including this here on this blog because I really hope, somehow, that I can find a painting of Phebe. Not going to happen, though. Somehow the two things relate and, even though I'm really quite tired and I can't elaborate on it, I wanted to put it up here.

Today I went to Marlpit Hall, too. I went with my two children (my daughter is 4 and my son is 2) and was kind of kicked out. Understandable. My son had to touch everything and visibly stressed out the older gentleman docent. The house belonged to Phebe's brother-in-law Edward and passed down through his family. I think the house may have belonged to Phebe's husband Squire John at some point, though. May have even been built by him. It's unclear.

The woodwork in the house was incredible. They were very wealthy, the Taylors. Apparently, Edward Taylor was kept in Marlpit Hall under house arrest during the Revolution because he was a Loyalist. Squire John had to flee to New York, according to one record. Where did this leave Phebe? Did she go with John?

I'll write more about Marlpit Hall after I've really had a chance to visit without children (it really was kind of funny, getting kicked out). There was a portrait of Phebe's nephew in the house. I was hoping for Phebe. Maybe I can squirrel it out somewhere. I'm pretty good at that kind of thing. I was, anyway, in graduate school.

Until next time...

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